American Stew; A Recipie That May Work

a: Miscegenation ~
b: cooking

What: "miscegenation is like cooking. random mixing will almost surely give bad results and some ingredients are so strong in their effects that they should be added only with the utmost caution".... "blacks are like pepper. in very small doses they benefit the mixing due to their lack of body hair, curvaceous body, lack of fat and greater musical. yet try adding to much pepper to anything and you will see why people should be extra cautious with blacks"... ..."the mixing of whites and east-asians resembles the cooking of ribs. due to the completely different impact of it on the offspring depending if it is boy or girl, there should be a permanent monitoring specialy of boys. whoever has monitored a "ribs on the abrbie" which needs 24 hour attention in order to get good results will have a sense of what I mean"... ..."whites in general are like salt or garlic. they should be present in every mixing. There are no dishes worth proving without the presence of whites. Sorry guys, truth hurts, and they shouldb be calibrated to always remain as the dominant ingredient"...

Writer: gig
Date: May 2 2013 8:16 PM

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