Matching Your Phenotype Against The Mona Lisa Is

a: Matching your phenotype against the mona lisa ~
b: by chewing bubble gum and running matlab

What: "Ok, so let's say someone pulled an all nighter, the code is checked in and she's all that. We have our Genotype to Phenotype connection. Our synthesis, it's gin and juice for the lot? Not quite. What about selection? Here is what has always annoyed me about genetic programming. Matching your phenotype against the Mona Lisa is like numerically solving differential equations by chewing bubble gum and running matlab. It just isn't impressive anymore, but here's the kicker: You should be able to solve much harder problems! How do you know a user interface is good?" Try to explain this????

Writer: Not Stated
Date: Dec 8 2011 6:54 PM

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