a: Manual machine tool duty for a motor ~
b: embassy duty for a Marine

What: "Manual machine tool duty for a motor is like embassy duty for a Marine. Most of the time all that' required is a presence and authority. Once in a while real work is called for and a heavy cut is taken (or a mob quelled) and that's were a motor or a marine earns its keep. This is low duty cycle. Many factors contribute to the need for external cooling and lower than name plate RPM is only one. Other factors motivating a decision to add a fan are high duty cycle, high ambient temperature, nearby sources of radiant heat, lack of local air circulation, low line voltage, frequent momeentary overload, dust infiltration and accumulation, and probably more that I can't flog from my morning brain."

Writer: Forrest Addy
Date: Oct 3 2013 10:38 AM

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