Infinity is like the Olympic Games

a: Infinity ~
b: the Olympic Games

What: "The Olympic Games exist, says Aristotle. You can't argue with that. If a passing little green man were to step out of his flying saucer (this is my addition to the story Aristotle didn't mention little green men) and asked you 'is there such a thing as the Olympic Games?' you would have to answer 'Yes.' But imagine the little green man was then to ask, in the bizarre syntax of its kind, 'Show me this Olympic Games of which you speak,' you would be stumped. There is nothing to produce because the Olympic Games aren't on right now. So the Olympic Games both exists and doesn't, it has a potential existence and that, said Aristotle, is just how it is with infinity."

Writer: Brian Clegg
Date: Aug 21 2011 10:53 PM

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