a: Humanities education ~
b: financial pit

What: "I'm not sure if you know much about the current status of higher education, but humanities education is on a path to being eliminated except for at ivy league schools and the ten or so big research schools (which Pitt has become a member of now thanks to biotechnology). The reason for this is that schools of higher education are being run more and more like businesses, with education simply being a way to get a job rather than a life-shaping event. Most of humanities education is like a financial pit. So it's predicted that only those aforementioned universities will have the money to continue to teach the humanities."

Writer: srsquirrel
Date: Apr 24 2014 5:23 PM

By diana badonio panal on 2020-November-12

Topic: english for academic and professional purposes

i need your help to answer all this learning activity sheet pls


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