a: Homosexuality ~
b: mental diseases


"The whole point of marriage is to produce offspring. Chinese parents wish to become grandparents from their own blood lineage. That is why Xinghun exists in China. Homosexuality is like all other mental diseases. It can be treated. Some murderers were born with the desire to kill just as some pedophiles were born with the desire for children. Gay marriage makes as much sense as a man marrying his dog. I think Chinese have it right. They know the TRUE meaning of marriage. Us Western people have no right to impose our faulty and twisted logic upon them. I love living in China because so-called "gays" are not "in my face". Sure, they are here. So are all others with mental problems. They are not glorified like they are in the West. Why should they be? They are not heroes just like necrophiliacs and zoophiles are not. Who are we to impose our arrogant, self-righteous, patronizing, double standards of the West upon the Chinese. It is another form of cultural imperialism at its dirtiest. "

Writer: Guest686498
Date: Jul 24 2014 10:08 AM

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