Homos As Gunplay

a: Homosexuality ~
b: encouraging kids to play with guns

What: "From a health stand point it is extremely dangerous for gay men who contract HIV/AIDS at an alarming percentage compared to the rest of the population. Encouraging homosexuality is like encouraging kids to play with guns as long as they wear protection. It is hard to justify homosexuality from an evolutionary view since the survival of the species is supposed to be the overriding goal of this or that mutation. Encouraging homosexuality violates that, if one comes from that perspective."

Writer: BlueCollarTodd
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Apr 23 2012 4:27 PM

By Bob Ross on 2019-April-11

Topic: Homophobic

This is a disgusting so-called "example" of homosexuality. This analogy does nothing to compare, yet instead discriminates. Comparing encouraging homosexuality to playing with guns is terrible as they are not similar in any way. People don't "encourage" homosexuality either, they accept it (or should) and allow people to understand that it's okay. I hope this "analogy" gets taken down as I find it far too offensive.


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