a: Homosexuality ~
b: color


"Put it this way. Homosexuality is like hair color. Your natural hair color is what you are born with and have for the rest of your life. Sure you may not like your hair color. So you cover it up with hair coloring. That just covers what your real hair color is. It is the same with homosexuality. If a gene is a homosexual gene, then you are gay. Depending on the level in your body is how gay you are. Everyone is gay though. Because everyone is at least 10% genetically homosexual. That is how your are able to get along with the same gender in general. Now the homosexual gene never exactly 10%. That is how you are bisexual. But you can be more sexually attracted to men or women. As for gay, anything above the 80 percentile range is predominantly homosexual. There is a scale called the Kinsey scale. It determines how homosexual or heterosexual you are. It is in everyone. And you don't get it from anyone in particular. It is in you from birth. So it is in everyone. Rather people realize it or not, Yes they are technically gay to an extent."

Writer: Not Stated
Date: Jul 24 2014 11:09 AM

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