a: Homosexuality ~
b: any disordered appetite

What: "From these documents, one can gather that the Church teaches that homosexuality implies and is characterized by a tendency towards an intrinsic moral evil (i.e. sexual activity with members of one's own sex), and so is "objectively disordered;" that the inclination by itself is not sinful; that, for some, homosexuality may be incurable; and that no one can be reduced to one aspect of his character. Homosexuality is like any disordered appetite. I may have a bad temper; it is an appetite ordered to an intrinsic evil; it may be very difficult utterly to overcome; and, though it compromises me, it does not utterly explain me. This seems to be the clear teaching of the Church in these citations."

Writer: Christopher Zehnder
Date: Jul 24 2014 10:58 AM

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