a: Happy marriage ~
b: looking after a plant


"Love with affections and feelings has become a cornerstone in modern marriages in Hong Kong society. However, how should men maintain a romantic relationship? Many of our middle-class respondents are apparently baffled by this question. Some respondents suggest that maintaining a happy marriage is like looking after a plant. Yet some are displeased that in order to maintain a happy marriage, the demand is solely on men that they need to be a good actor. When encountering marital conflicts, men in our focus groups tend to tolerate in order to avoid quarrels with their spouse as they believe a harmonious family is pivotal. Harmony can only be achieved by toleration. In addition, these men want to avoid the pain of trapping in a damaged marital relationship. However, men feel invalidated because they have the impression that their opinions are often rejected by their wife. This toleration does not actually deal with men's dissatisfaction within. It also provides no satisfactory solutions for both parties. Sometimes it even strengthens the impression of his wife's unreasonable image and suppresses more dissatisfaction with the partner "

Writer: Not Stated
Date: Apr 15 2014 2:10 PM

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