Computer Analogy Is No

a: Genome ~
b: Darwin’s tangled bank

What: "This is why computer analogies of our genome are bad. Our genome isn't a giant control panel packed with million of switches, blinking lights, buzzers, gauges, and chrome-plated knobs. Our genome is like Darwin's tangled bank, an ecosystem filled with elements that have their own agenda in mind. Function is a fluid thing. Regulatory sites wink into and out of existence. Transposable elements pick up transcription factor binding sites, giving themselves an advantage, but they spread those sites around, occasionally leaving something that, with a tweak, turns out to be useful. Function emerges from, and disappears back into the seething genomic jungle." Or dear what a mess. And by the way Darwin didn't invent anything. He just proposed a plausible mechanism for variability between species.

Writer: Mike White
Date: May 7 2013 6:13 PM

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