a: genetics ~
b: base coat of paint on an art project


"Those are just a couple of the many classic examples that we're genetically predisposed to react to the world in a certain way. Now I know you may think that 90% is such a large percentage, well the way I look at it, your genetics is like the base coat of paint on an art project, for the ladies, it's like the foundation for your makeup. Now this sets the groundwork that your build from, you don't have to let all of your basework show. You're free to add on your other colors of paint, or other parts of makeup ie. eye shadow. Now this covers up the base that you don't want shown and covers it with colors of your liking, however it doesn't make the base go away completely. In this same manner, your genetics and your environment work together. Your genetics is your base work, and through your environment/free will, you're able to shape your final work of art to your liking. This brings us our final product of our personality and approach to life, it also leads to my next point."

Writer: Not Stated :(
Date: May 6 2014 7:17 PM

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