Two Feet Also Works....

a: Enantiomer ~
b: left and right hand

What: "A pair of enantiomers are like a left and right hand (i.e. non-superposable mirror images), and are said to be chiral (from the Greek cheir meaning hand). All other molecules are achiral (i.e. without chirality). Chiral molecules contain an atom (often a carbon atom) bearing four different substituents. Such an atom is known as a stereogenic centre. Molecules can contain more than one stereogenic centre and these may or may not be themselves chiral. Chiral molecules have no plane(s) of symmetry or centre of inversion and it is often easier to try to spot these to prove that a molecule is achiral rather than try to draw and superimpose mirror images."

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Date: Aug 9 2013 3:52 PM

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