Back And Forth It Goes....

a: Electron ~
b: the suspension system of the Ford

What: "Resonance is found in the old Ford automobiles (and maybe the new ones). Their suspension system had very little dampening. So one could, if he were not careful, turn the wheel to the right and cause the car to tip to the left due to its inertia. He could then turn the wheel to the left and cause the car to tip to the right. By doing this repeatedly at the correct frequency, he could match the frequency of the Ford's reacting suspension system. The Ford's suspension system was resonant to the frequency of the turning of the wheel. The energy thus produced could make the car roll over. A resonant electron is like the suspension system of the Ford. It will accept the energy of a photon with the correct frequency."

Writer: Lew Paxton Price , Herbert Martin Gibson
Date: Aug 7 2013 5:53 PM

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