a: Electricity ~
b: water and pipes


"Electricity is like water and pipes. Voltage (E) is like water pressure. Amperage (I) is like volume of water. Wattage (P) is like the total amount of water / electric power delivered whether at high pressure through a small hose/wire or low pressure through a large hose/wire. The formula for wattage is P = I x E or Watts = Volts x Amps. You can start a car with lots of amps but only 12 volts (and a big wire) or run a power saw (about the same wattage) with 120 volts at a few amps (and a small wire). As long as the motor, light or machine at the end of the line is made for the right voltage it will work if you have the right voltage, enough amperage available and a large enough wire from the source. "

Writer: Ron Dexter
Date: Mar 16 2014 2:41 PM

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