Within An Electrical Panel

a: Circuit breaker ~
b: an account

What: "Any more than that being drawn, and the breaker (should) will trip. In theory, you could have circuits totalling 2,000 amps in that panel, but you couldn't be drawing that all at once. It's kind of like a bank--they have a certain amount of cash reserves on hand, but it's only a small percentage of the total on deposit. They're fine as long as not everyone takes everything out of their accounts all at once in cash. Each circuit breaker is like an account--it could be drawn on up to it's max rating, but not all of them could be at the same time. You could run 10 20-amp circuits at near full capacity at once, but if you start up the 11th, you'd trip the main."

Writer: Jason Roehl
Date: Oct 4 2013 4:58 PM

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