An Eastern Analogy

a: cerebrum ~
b: the sea of bone marrow


"The kidney control bones' The kidney fluid vaporizes and ascends from bone marrow to cerebrum. Thus, cerebrum is like the sea of bone marrow. The vaporized kidney fluid in the cerebrum is like the cloud and fog in the sky. It condenses to become rain and dew to nourish the whole living things (organs, cells) Thus, the disorder of neck spine causes the vapor not able to ascend or descend normally, and illness such as aches or hemiplegia etc. produced accordingly. If the neck spine is twisted badly causing the block of the vapor movement it may be mortal. If the lumber spine is hurt badly, paralysis of the lower body may be caused. As it is written in some of the traditional Chinese medicine classics, "The Kidney Qi (vaporized form of kidney fluid) comes out of Mingmen, goes through bones, out of fingertips and back to the five yin viscera and six yang viscera" The viscera illness caused by disorder of bones has not yet been able to be detected by any scientific instrument up to now. Don't get it wrong."

Qi-Blood Theory

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Date: Feb 12 2014 2:21 PM

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