Cell Physiology

a: Cell ~
b: Person


Cell eats (phagocytosis) = person eats
Cell drinks (pinocytosis) = person drinks
Cell dies ( necrosis ) = person dies ( mortality)
Cell has age = person has age
Cell has job = person has job
Cell can kill (infection) = person can kill ( murder)
Cell respire oxygen in = person can inhale O2
Cell respite co2 out = person can exhale CO2
Cell can egest = person can egest
Cell can become fat (hypertrophy) = person can become fat (obesity)
Cell can become slim (atrophy) = person can become slim
Cell can move (diapedesis) = person can move
Cell can float or swim = person can swim
Cell can reproduce = person can reproduce
Cell has mother (stem cell ) = person has mother
Cell can become a criminal (tumour cell ) = a person can be a criminal
Cell has enemy cells = person has enemy person
Cell has environment = person has environment
Cell communicate with each other = person communicate with each other
Some of adjectives analogy
Good cell = good person
Bad cell = bad person
Thin cell = thin person
Fat cell = fat person

Cell can produce = person can invent or design new things
Cell can remember (plasma cell or memory cells ) = person can remember
Cell can act as police = person can act as police
Cell can stretch = person can stretch
Cell can grow = person can grow
Cell use energy = person use energy
Cell uses weapon = person uses weapon

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Date: Jun 1 2021 10:56 PM

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