Calcium Like Real Estate?? Or A Door Hinge

a: Calcium ~
b: real estate

What: "Calcium is like real estate --- location, location, and location. If your calcium atoms, which we all need, are in a bad location you have illness; if they are in a good location you are healthy." The location part makes sense, but the linked site is about healing magnets, which is questionable. Calcium+Phosphate=hydroxyapitite, aka bone matter. Of course, bone is a good location for calcium. The bad location is when it combines with fatty acids and cholesterol to form plaque that can cause all kinds of problems. As a molecule, calcium is like a door hinge. It is known as divalent atom that can link a variety of molecules together as a hinge links a door to a wall. Now doors hinged to door frames to separate a room is acceptable. A door hinged to the floor of you living room is not, and may cause you to trip and fall.

Writer: Not Stated
Date: May 6 2011 3:47 AM

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