a: bullying ~
b: getting inoculated


"Bullying is a vital part of every ecosystem, it teaches kids resilience. The world is a rough place; bullying is like getting inoculated. It's a vaccine! And you little shits, you got to learn to stay away from people like my son. That's what you learn when you get punched in the face by a bully! How you think Steve Jobs turned out so great? Bullies. And I guarantee you junior here will be getting the hottest chicks when he's 30, because he got bullied today. What, you want to hit the peak now? My kid will be picking roadside garbage up in an orange jump suit in 10 years, and your kid in med school, curing cancer, and getting laid. You're welcome!"

Writer: Frank
Date: Jul 14 2014 6:09 PM

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