a: Barber ~
b: picking a new surgeon or tattoo artist


"I recently just moved out of my parents house and into Huntington, Long Island. I love the place and love the freedom. The issue is now that I moved away, I now have to find my "local spots" for my new apartment. Meaning I have to figure out the best pizza and chinese places near my house. I also have to find the nearest gym that I will go to twice and skip the following month. This includes finding a new barber. Picking a new barber is like picking a new surgeon or tattoo artist. You have to put your trust in them and be confident that they know what they are doing so they don't ruin your life. Granted its just hair and it will grow back, but when your looks are your lively hood like me, a bad haircut can spell disaster for my modeling career. "

Writer: Nick
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Apr 23 2014 7:33 PM

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