a: Bacteria ~
b: Cell


Bacteria is unicellular
Human cell is unicellular
Bacterial cell = human cell
Bacteria as a friend of human = an internal human cells are friends of human
Bacteria as an enemy = sometimes some internal cells transform in to tumour cells
Bacterial infection is like a foreign invasion = internal invasion is like civil war a fight with its own community but very powerful
Bacteria can reproduce = cell can reproduce
Bacteria can die = cell can die
Bacteria has DNA = cell has DNA
Bacteria has membrane or external shield = cell has external shield but less strong
Bacteria has community or colony = cell has colony or tissues
Bacterial culture can be done = cell culture can be done
Enterobacter (bacteria of gut ) = cells of git (but opposite function one kills while others work for git )
Alveolar bacteria (bacteria that infect lungs ) like pneumococcus = alveolar macrophages
Meningococcus (infects nerves ) = neuroglia cells that protect nerves
Erythrocytes infected by bacteria

Leucocidin (produced by bacteria to kill ) leukocytes
Erythrotoxin = kills erythrocytes
Pneumolysin = kills pneumocytes
Enterotoxin = kills enterocytes

Writer: Mantrakshar
Date: Jun 1 2021 11:09 PM

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