Feudalism With Nice Shiny Smart Phones

a: America ~
b: feudalistic society


"Typical New York behavior in the financial industry. Just like all the major banks, just like all those institutions, steal it, then hide behind a army of lawyers and bought politicians to keep it. How else do they garner so much wealth while producing absolutely nothing? The whole thing is a scam. Do we really need to pay someone billions of dollars to determine how many train loads of corn gets delivered to the Kellogs plant? The whole city exist on fraud. America produces a 15 trillion dollar economy, yet those who produce it get very little from it. 20 dollars per hour is minimum wage in 1980 money, and that's what a skilled technician maintaining 40 million dollars of aircraft and liable for any accidents makes for the effort. America has become a joke. A feudalistic society instead of a capitalist one. "

Writer: JAMESL
Date: Jul 16 2014 11:48 AM

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