A Phase Transformation It Is....

a: Dew point ~
b: a match to a gas leak

What: "Air temps effect the birds movements, the Dew Points effects the birds vocabulary. If you have a low dew point in the morning with a slowly rising dew point, the birds will gobble on the roost and on the ground until the dew point reaches a certain level, then they shut up until it starts to fall. A slowly falling dew point is like a match to a gas leak, they will gobble all day long, no matter how many guys are in the woods. It effects the hens just the same, we may be set up on a flock one day and the hens on the roost are talking up a storm, they hit the ground and are talking periodically through out the day, but the next day we sneak in and set up on them again and we only hear one hen sound off a couple of soft yelps and then nothing, but yet 15 birds fly off the roost, what's going on?"A discussion of how weather affects turkey gobbles.

Writer: WillowRidgeCalls
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Aug 5 2014 7:08 PM

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